The link below is the official Facebook page for the Village of Greenhills intended for the sharing of real-time safety information, traffic information, press releases, newsletters, announcements relating to events, projects, facilities, programs, meetings, activities and more !   Check it out on the link below:

The Village of Greenhills’ website:, remains the Village’s primary internet presence for official information and guests will be linked to this website for additional details on a given topic, or for forms, documents, and other information necessary to conduct business with Greenhills.

Anyone wanting to contact the Village may do so through this website, or by calling the Administrative Office at 513-825-2100.



Mr. David Moore 

Mr. Jeff Halter
Ms. Melanie Hermes
Ms. Rachel Hudson
Mr. Jack Lee
Ms. Maria 
Ms. Jennifer Osmanoglu


Village Administration
11000 Winton Road
Greenhills, Ohio
513.825.2370 (fax)

 Ms. Evonne Kovach

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