Important Greenhills Phone Numbers

Greenhills Administration                     825-2100

Building Dept.                            1-888-433-4642

Zoning Questions                                825-2100

Police - Non-emergency                       825-2101        

Fire - Non-emergency                          589-3583

Income Tax (RITA)                    1-800-860-7482

Post Office                                          825-2525

Golf Course (thru Sept.)                       589-3585

Pool                                                   825-0288

Banquet Hall                                       603-1388


Important Information Listed Alphabetically by Topic: 


Aggregation Program for Natural Gas


Code Enforcement Brochure


Fire Pits


Storm water drainage

Good management of storm water drainage/runoff is important for many reasons.  Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District has worked with others to develop a handy flyer regarding the basics of storm water drainage for homeowners.  That flyer is attached and is a good starting point for any questions you may have about drainage from or on to your property. 



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