Greenhills is an historic walkable village. Greenhills offers the following unique characteristics that benefit businesses that are both a local and regional destination point.

Location and history of Greenhills. Greenhills was originally selected for the federal greenbelt program because of its location near the industrial Mill Creek Valley and in an undisturbed area of woods.  The original layout of the Village established a physical arrangement of buildings and uses that encourage interaction, provide green space and link housing blocks to the Village Center.  The  greenbelt protects the Village from encroachment.  

Having maintained its original design to this day, Greenhills is a perfect example of what is now referred to as “new urbanism,” incorporating the features identified above that many communities wish they could emulate.

The oldest portions of Greenhills – which includes the Village Center – was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.  A slightly larger district has been designated a National Historic Landmark!   Our Village Center, which includes the business district, is located within the historic district.

Proximity to Winton Woods.   Winton Woods is a 2,500-acre premier park of the Hamilton County Park District. Winton Woods has more than 4,000,000 visitors annually and offers hike/bike trails that connect to, through and around Greenhills; shelters, fields, canoeing and kayaking in a 156-acre lake; camp grounds with 123 campsites; a horseback riding center; an annual Winter Bird Count, Parky’s Farm - a 100-acre demonstration farm popular with families and school groups; the Mill Course Golf Course and Meadow Links golf course and driving range; and a fishing tournament in the 156-acre lake.

Winton Woods presents an opportunity for Greenhills businesses to provide goods and services that would be of interest to the millions of visitors to the Park each year. 

Park-like venue. The existence of Winton Woods, and the tree-lined streets of Greenhills (a Tree City USA for 33 years!) make the Village an attractive park-like venue for professional offices.

Alois Alzheimer Center – an internationally recognized leader in the care and treatment of Alzheimer ’s disease. This facility is located in Greenhills and within walking distance of the Village Center.  It provides opportunities to attract doctors to office space, or services and retail that serve those visiting the occupants/patients of the Center.

Proximity to Mercy Fairfield Hospital & Healthplex – Mercy Fairfield is a large regional hospital with 9,000 employees and 1,800 physicians representing a wide range of medical and surgical specialties.  Located along Winton Road and just five (5) miles north of Greenhills, the hospital generates a market for satellite medical facilities, doctors’ offices, and unique employee housing choices.

Winton Road is a major north/south artery that provides a steady stream of vehicles throughout the day, but is heavily used during morning and evening rush hours. Approximately 30,000 vehicles travel Winton Road each day.

The connectivity of the residential areas to the commercial area and to Winton Woods makes Greenhills an attractive walkable location for senior housing or assisted living.




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