The mission of the Greenhills Building and Zoning Department is to ensure a safe environment in the Village of Greenhills. It serves a number of functions, including zoning approvals, building plan review, the issuance of building permits, rental property inspection, final building inspections and code enforcement.

All residential and commercial building and/or land use activities in Greenhills require a Certificate of Zoning Compliance.  Chose the appropriate Application for Zoning Compliance form from the list to the right.  The fee is $35 for residential and $100 for commercial.  For zoning questions, call 825-2100.  To see the official zoning map of the Village, please click here

Greenhills issues building and electrical permits for building and electrical work. To apply for a building permit, please submit the completed building permit application, three (3) copies of building plans and the necessary fee deposit.  In most cases, the deposit covers the entire building fee. For more complex projects, however, the total fee may be more or less than the deposit. NOTE: There is a new Residential Building Code for Ohio effective July 1, 2019.

The fee schedules and an explanation of why there are fees are available for viewing by clicking on the appropriate item in the box to the right. 


Forms & Helpful Links

When do I need a permit?

Tent Requirements

Application for Zoning Compliance

Application for Sign Compliance

Application for Residential Zoning Compliance

Building Permit Application

Sidewalk Permit Application

Rental Inspection Affidavit

Explanation of Fees

Building Fee Schedule

Electrical Fee Schedule


For plumbing permits, call Hamilton County Dept. of Environmental Health Services, Plumbing Division at 513-946-7852.


Opening a Business

If you are interested in opening a business in the Village of Greenhills, you must first apply for a Certificate of Zoning Compliance referenced above.  The fee for the Zoning Certificate is $100.  Please contact the Village at 513-825-2100 if you have questions.  More information on opening a business can be found in this website under "Business." 


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