Income tax collection services are provided by the
Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) 

Established as a regional council of governments, the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) exists for the sole purpose of providing governments such as ours with economical and efficient income tax collection services.


Customer service is a priority for RITA!  Taxpayer assistance is available through a number of different means: telephone, fax, internet, or mail. Personal assistance is available during normal business hours at #1-800-860-7482.  The toll-free automated telephone self-service (same phone number) is also available around the clock every day, including holidays, allowing taxpayers to seeking forms or payment information to call day or night to access the system.

RITA’s web-based applications are extremely popular with individual and business taxpayers and tax preparers. Their eServices include e-Filing for individuals and businesses, e-Payments offering ACH debit payment options, e-Registration for all taxpayers, auto-calc tax returns, downloadable forms, and online tax ordinances.


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