As a resident of Greenhills, Ohio you are living in a town with national historic significance!

Greenhills is one of three federally planned and constructed greenbelt communities in the nation.  The other two greenbelt communities are Greenbelt, Maryland and Greendale, Wisconsin.  Undertaken by the government in the 1930’s, the purpose of the federal greenbelt project was to supply jobs and to offer an escape from the congested inner city neighborhoods through the construction of a small town with plenty of park-like areas surrounded by a greenbelt.

Being the only greenbelt community that has maintained its greenbelt - Greenhills still provides that peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the Mill Creek Valley. 

There are many advantages to living in Greenhills. Protected from unwanted development by its  greenbelt, Greenhills has a wonderful small town feel!  By design, Greenhills is easily accessible, is within a reasonable driving distance of major employment centers, and is close to shopping centers. Greenhills has a reputation for being a safe community and offers a complete array of services to its citizens, including leaf and brush collection, refuse collection and recycling collection, a street tree program, and a beautiful network of parks – almost every home is adjacent to a green space.



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