Spring Leaf Collection

2015 Spring Leaf Collection

April 13-17, 2015

The Greenhills Service Department will collect bulk leaves from Village residential properties beginning Monday, April 13, 2015 and ending on Friday, April 17, 2015. Each street in the Village will receive one pass for the Spring leaf collection. Please have your leaves at the curb by Monday morning, April 13th, for collection. Crews will not be raking leaves, only vacuuming them.

Leaves should be placed at the back of the curb and not in the street. Piles may be no wider than three feet. Never place leaves within fifteen feet of a storm sewer catch basin and please help keep catch basins clear of leaves at all times to help prevent street flooding during rain events.

Leaves only will be accepted for this collection. Piles containing branches, garden waste, soil, rocks or any material that could damage our expensive machinery will be left and become the property owner’s responsibility to remove and recycle.

Please remember that the Village Leaf Collection is intended to assist residents during Spring Cleanup. No leaves may be placed at the curb after the Service Department has made its one pass down your street. Leaves which are blocked by parked vehicles will not be collected and will be the responsibility of the resident to remove and recycle.


We appreciate the cooperation of our Village residents for this service event. For questions about this program, please contact the Village Offices at 825-2100.

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Exterior Home Repair Grant Available



The Home Improvement Repair Fund can assist owner-occupied homeowners in Greenhills with needed repairs and improvements to the exterior of their homes. The homeowner is reimbursed for repair/improvement costs incurred up to a maximum of $2,000.00. 

Last Updated on Monday, 23 February 2015 20:17

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Bring on Summer!

Are you enjoying this weather?  Would you prefer to be swimming or golfing? 2015 memberships are now available!

     a 2015 Pool Membership  Click here if you are a Greenhills resident           Non-residents should click here.

     a 2015 Golf Course membership (click here for the 2015 Golf Membership

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Registered Peddlers and Solicitors

The Greenhills Code of Ordinances requires that peddlers and solicitors be registered before undertaking any peddlling or soliciting in the Village.  As a service to our residents, we will post the vendors who have obtained the appropriate registration with the Village.

The Village is not endorsing any services or products with this registration.  The purpose is to inform the public as to who has registered to do peddling or soliciting in the Village.

If you wish to restrict or prohibit soliciting on your property, you may post a sign that is at least 5" X 7" in size stating "No Solicitation." Click here for a sign that you can print and post in the immediate vicinity of your front door or main entrance way.

For additional details on the law regarding Peddlers and Solicitors, please see Section 737 of the Greenhills Codified Ordinances available through this website under the heading "Government."

Registered Vendors:

There are none at this time.

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