Trash and recycling collection occurs on Wednesday in the Village of Greenhills.

Please make sure to pay attention to requirements related to garbage cans and bags:

  • Containers must be of a non-rusting material with tight-fitting lids.
  • Plastic bags may be used for set out on the day of collection, but not for storage during the week.
  • Containers may not be set out until 3 pm the day before collection
  • Containers must be removed from the curbs within 24 hours of collection. 
  • No garbage may be set out in open containers
  • Containers must be stored throughout the week either next to the rear wall of a dwelling or garage, or in your front yard if screened with a planting, fence or wall. Note: Check code requirements for height and other applicable regulations. CLICK HERE FOR IDEAS ON SCREENING OPTIONS 
  • Mattresses, sofas, chairs, or other such items must be wrapped or placed in plastic bags before they will be picked up. Plastic bags in a variety of sizes are available at the Municipal Offices for $6 each.

Rumpke does the collection in the Village. Rumpke celebrates only two holidays: Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If these holidays fall on Wednesday, then Rumpke will collect your trash on the next day. (For example, if Christmas and New Year's Day are on Wednesday, then the pick up will be on Thursday.) If you have questions, call the Village office at 825-2100.

The following additional rules apply to garbage collection:

  • Weight of filled containers must be limited to 75 pounds.
  • NO oil, gasoline, tires, batteries, liquids, combustibles, automotive fluids, or any materials deemed hazardous. Call the Village office for disposal instructions.
  • NO liquid paints. Call the Village office for disposal instructions.
  • NO "white goods" (refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners) unless CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons or freon) have been removed and appliance is tagged. This must be done by a trained and EPA certified technician (contact your local appliance service center). Documentation that CFC's have been properly removed must be attached to appliance for Rumpke to accept it for disposal. For your convenience, have old appliance removed when new appliance is delivered.
  • NO carpeting unless it is cut up into 4 ft. strips, rolled and tied. The average room-sized carpet must be cut up into at least three sections and rolled or folded up.
  • Bulky materials, such as drywall, or tile, must be properly contained and cannot exceed 75 Ibs. in weight.
  • Loose materials, such as lumber, must be bundled and tied and cannot exceed 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter, and 75 pounds in weight.
  • NO dirt, rocks, bricks, or concrete.
  • For excessive amounts of trash, or for special pickups, please contact the Village at 513-825-2100 for more information.

Recycling Information

Rumpke collects recycling every other week.  As a reminder on which day your recycling will be collected, click here to view the map that identifies if you are collected on the "yellow" days  or the  "green" days. Then click on the appropriate schedule below.   

  Yellow collection days

    Green collection days

We suggest you print your collection schedule and post it in a convenient location.  

Please remember that the recycling container can only be used for recycling materials.  Rumpke will not collect normal garbage from these containers. 

Here's a list of the items acceptable for recycling:

Acceptable items for recycling


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