Historic design guidelines are now in effect within the Greenhills local historic district. The legislation authorizing the district has had its first reading at the Village Council meeting and pursuant to Greenhills Code Section 1143.05: in order to ensure that the intent of a proposed designation is met during the review process, it shall be deemed to be temporarily adopted.  

Please see the attached map to determine if your property is within the District Boundaries.

If you are within the District, prior to starting any work on your house or property, an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness must be completed and submitted to the Village.  This includes painting, door or window replacements, any exterior repairs or replacements, and more!  The guidelines are available below. 

Within the District Boundaries:

* Only exterior alterations are subject to review.

* The main concern is what is visible from a public right-of-way.

* Regular maintenance items such as in-kind repairs do not require review.

* Paint colors are reviewed if a change in color is proposed.

* Existing conditions may stay. Restoration to original conditions is not required. However, if an existing element does not conform to the guidelines, it may remain or be repaired. If it is removed, that element should be reviewed as a new application and restoration to the original appearance should have priority.


Click here to download an Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

Click here to view the District Boundaries

Click here to view the Guidelines 


If you have any questions, call the Village Office at 513-825-2100.



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Village Administration
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