Planning Commission membership:

Bud Wolterman (through 2026)

Natalie Corzine Moore (through 2022)

David Adams (through 2024)

Jeff Halter (through 2021)

Jack Lee (through 2021)


Board of Zoning Appeals membership:

Oscar Hoffman (through 2023)

David Adams, Planning Commission rep (through 2024)

Jim Boerner (through 2021)

Fred Murrell (through 2022)

Mary Schuster (through 2022)


Members of the Recreation Commission include:

Rob Howell (through 2021)

Dan Doerflein (through 2021)

Doug Koller (through 2022)

Vacant (through 2022)

Sean Patterson (through 2023)


Members of the Tree Advisory Board include:

Neil White

Bev Ventura

Mike Caster

Beth Bolce

Jason Muchmore

Evonne Kovach


Waycross Community Programming Board

Members representing Greenhills

Nancy Moore

Galina Radford

Melanie Hermes

Teresa Trascritti

Dan Doerflein