Leaf Collection


Leaf collection has started.  The volume is very heavy right now.  Please try to not park in front of the leaf piles – the truck cannot reach the leaves.  If your leaves are at the curb at the end of the week, do not be concerned – the truck will get to your street as time permits.   


New Business Coming


A new restaurant will be opening at the Greenhills Shopping Center in January: the Butt Shack.  Barbeque is their specialty.  More info will be provided as it becomes available.


Palma Park Playground

New playground equipment has been installed at Palma Park!  Be sure to check it out!



If you are a senior in Greenhills, join the Hilltop Seniors!

The Hilltop Seniors meet at 1:00 pm on the first Thursday of each month!  

For more information, call Sandy at #674-0302.


Meeting location:                            Molloy’s on the Green

                                                                10 Enfield Street


Utility Aggregation Program


Regarding our aggregation program, re-bidding of both the gas and electric suppliers is underway.  Look for more info on this topic very soon!




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