Dear Residents, 

          Greenhills is a community of approximately 3,600 people nestled within 2,133 acres of Winton Woods.  Greenhills is one of three federally planned and constructed greenbelt communities in the nation. Undertaken by the government in the 1930s, the purpose of the federal greenbelt project was to supply jobs and to offer an escape from the congested inner city neighborhoods through the construction of a small town with plenty of park like areas surrounded by a greenbelt. Greenhills still provides that peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the Mill Creek Industrial Valley.  Family-centered living, supported by our design, provides a safe and wholesome environment, with schools and churches, shopping, a library, post office, and a municipal pool and golf course all within walking distance. 

          In 1989, the Greenhills Historic District was entered into the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service.  The designation was based on the community’s planning and development as well as social history.  The original “garden city” plan for the community remains intact:  curving street, walking paths, superblocks, and the encircling greenbelt.           

          Greenhills maintains a unique small-town atmosphere, where neighbors are friendly and residents have a say in how things are done.  Greenhills welcomes you, and encourages you to become involved in your local government and to support some of the many community groups working to enhance the quality of life in our village.  Your ideas and your participation are of value to your hometown.

          We are glad you live in Greenhills!



                                                          David Moore, Mayor


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