The on-line version of the Village of Greenhills' Codified Ordinances is updated on a quarterly basis and reflects prior years' legislation.  Below you will find legislation approved by Council in 2016 and 2015.

2016 Ordinances and Resolutions


2016-O01-LR  Amending Code Section 301.51 regarding vehicles

2016-O02-LR  VOID

2016-O03-LR  amending Code Section 505 related to vicious and dangerous dogs

2016-O04--LR  Amending Section 311.01 regarding obstructions in streets

2016-O05-CD  Establishing CRA #2

     Exhibit A & B

2016-O06-L&R Adding Section 553.09 to the Greenhills Code regarding removal of dead or dangerous trees




2016-R01-F           Supplemental appropriation

2016-R02-F           Requesting tax advances from the County

2016-R03-SS         Authorizing assessments

2016-R04-F           Supplemental appropriation

2016-R05-F           Requesting info regarding an operating tax levy renewal

2016-R06-F          Supplemental Appropriations and Transfers

2016-R07-S&S      Authorizing purchase of a bucket truck

2016-R08-S&S      Crack sealing and microsurfacing portions of Burley Circle 

2016-R09-RC        Amending the 2016 Fee Schedule

2016-R10-L&R      Forwarding proposed zoning text amendments to Planning Commission for consideration

2016-R11-L&R      Approving the filing of an application with NatureWorks 

2016-R12-F          Supplemental appropriation

2016-R13-F          Accepting the 2017 Tax Budget

2016-R14-F          Declaring it necessary to levy a tax for General Operating expenses

2016-R15-F          Establishing salaries for certain Village employees

2016-R16-L&R      Authorizing a lease with Catering Adventures, dba Destinys Catering

2016-R17-S&S      Authorizing an application to OPWC for Winton Road Phase 3

2016-R18-F          Supplemental appropriations   


2015 Ordinances and Resolutions



2015-O01-F      authorizing the issuance of bonds (removed from the agenda)

2015-O02-F       authorizing the issuance of bonds

2015-O03-L&R   transmitting zoning text amendments to Planning Commission for review and recommendation

2015-O04 - L&R amending the employee handbook

2015-O05-L&R   amending Chapter 1315 of the Greenhills Codified Ordinances

2015-O06-L&R   adding Chapter 377: Golf Carts to the Greenhills Codified Ordinances

2015-O07-L&R   amending the Greenhills Zoning Code

2015-O08-F       amending the Greenhills Tax Code

2015-O09-L&R   amending the Greenhills Employee Handbook

2015-O10-S&S   modifying Greenhills Code Section 939

2015-O11-L&R   adopting a supplement to the codified ordinances



2015-R01-F      Awarding property and liability insurance to USI Insurance Services

2015-R02-CD    Authorizing the sale of 30 Chalmers Lane

2015-R03-F      Approving the 2015 Annual Appropriation

2015-R04-F      Confirming budgetary level of control

2015-R05-F      Requesting tax advances from the County Auditor

2015-R06-F      Authorizing an agreement with Sure Shot for mowing services

2015-R07-CD    Authorizing the sale of 5 Drummond

2015-R08-CD    Authorizing the sale of 6 & 10 Falcon

2015-R09-F      Amending an agreement with Suggs Properties, Inc.

2015-R10-F      Authorizing an option to continue the existing contract with Rumpke through Feb 2016

2015-R11-F      Authorizing an agreement with the Ohio Attorney General for collections

2015-R12-F      Declaring surplus property

2015-R13-TS    Authorizing the signing of the Fire Mutual Aid agreement

2015-R14-F      Supplemental appropriation

2015-R15-F      Requesting information for a tax levy renewal (Recreation)

2015-R16-T&S  Authorizing participation in the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force

2015-R17-F       Requesting information for a tax levy renewal (revised request)

2015-R18-F       Supplemental appropriations

2015-R19-S&S   Authorizing an agreement with Hamilton County for Municipal Road Funds

2015-R20-F       Accepting the 2016 Tax Budget

        Exhibit for tax budget

2015-R21-F       Declaring it necessary to levy a tax (Renewal of the Recreation Levy)

2015-R22-S&S  Authorizing the purchase of a 2015 F550 truck

2015-R23-S&S  Authorizing the purchase of snow plow equipment, etc. for the F550

2015-R24-S&S  Authorizing an agreement with Eastman & Smith regarding SWORRE consortium

2015-R25-S&S  Authorizing assessments for grass cutting and other code violations

2015-R26-F       Making supplemental appropriations

2015-R27-CD    Authorizing the sale of 74 Drummond Street

2015-R28-TS    Adopting Mayor's Court Rules

2015-R29-LR    Authorizing a contract with Wood & Lamping

2015-R30-LR    Authorizing the hiring of a prosecutor for Mayor's Court

2015-R31-F      Accepting the Amounts and Tax Rates from Hamilton County

2015-R32-F      Making supplemental appropriations

2015-R33-F      Adjusting wages when necessary to meet minimum wage requirements

2015-R34-F      Setting compensation for Part Time Police Officers

2015-R35-LR    Setting hours for Halloween

2015-R36-F      Authorizing a contract with Evans for the drainage & rainwater project

2015-R37-CD    Authorizing the sale of 59/61 Drummond

2015-R38-F      Approving a new fee schedule


2015-R39-CD    Approving the continuation of natural gas aggregation with IGS


2015-R40-F      Re-appointing the Municipal Manager

2015-41-         Tabled

2015-R42-F     Authorizing an agreement with GCWW for billing services

2015-R43-S&S Authorizing agreement with Rumpke for waste and recycling services

2015-R44-L&R  Establishing a pre-planning policy for use of municipal facilities and events

2015-R45-F      Authorizing assessments on certain properties

2015-R46-F      Renewing health care coverage with Anthem

2015-R47-F      Final Appropriation for 2015


2015-R48-F      Authorizing transfer to the golf course

2015-R49-F     2016 Appropriation

2015-R50-F    Awarding 2016 to USI Insurance

2015-R51-F    Approving wage increases

2015-R52-F    Authorizing an agreement with Suggs Properties for consulting services

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