PERSONAL APPEARANCE REQUIRED If the "PERSONAL APPEARANCE BLOCK" has been marked on your citation you MAY NOT pay the citation via this website, U.S. Mail or in person beforehand, but MUST APPEAR at the Greenhills Mayor’s Court on the date and time specified on the citation and if you fail to appear on your court date, A WARRANT MAY BE ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST AND A MINIMUM $25 FEE WILL BE ASSESSED.


If you have received a citation for one of the offenses listed below and the "personal appearance block" has NOT been marked on your citation you may do one of the following before the court date listed at the bottom of your citation:

Pay the citation by mail.

Forward a check or money order (no cash) for the appropriate amount listed below with your copy of the citation to the

              Mayor's Court, 11000 Winton Rd., Greenhills, Ohio, 45218.


Pay the citation in person.

Pay at the Greenhills Police Department, located at: 
              11000 Winton Rd., Greenhills, Ohio, 45218.
You may pay with check, money order, or cash within the preferred hours of 8 am – 4 pm. Visa and Mastercard are accepted M-F 8 am - 4 pm EST ONLY. (EXACT CHANGE REQUIRED)


Pay the citation ONLINE by clicking here and using our secure online payment system. You will be charged a 4% processing fee. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. 


Payments by mail or in-person must be received PRIOR TO 5 pm of the day of court listed on your citation. If you do not pay by your court date, YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT. If you appear in court and are found guilty of the offense, an appearance fee will be added.






Ordinance #’s


Amount of Fine


Parking violations


351.01 through 351.18




Pedestrian violations


371.01 through 371.12




Expired registration (license plates)






Vehicle licensing violations


335.09 through 335.10




Safety and equipment violations


337.01 through 337.31




Bicycle/Motorcycle violations


373.02 through 373.12




Street obstruction violations


311.01 through 311.04




Traffic control devices (stop signs, traffic lights)


313.01 through 313.09




General Operation violations


331.01 through 331.40




Speeding and Assured Clear Distance violations


333.03 through 333.06




Speeding 26+ MPH Over Posted Limit






Reasonable control violation






Commercial / Heavy vehicle violations


339.01 through 339.11




Right of way violations


371.01 through 371.02




Reckless Operation violations






Willful or wanton disregard violations






Moving Violations



If 2nd In 1 Year
Handicap Parking





***Only for the first or second offense within a year



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