Registered Vendors at this time:

        Zach Hicks Market Manager, selling price protection plans on Duke bills and home protection plans on pipes and wires. 4/29/24 - 5/29/24


        Everdry Waterproofing providing free foundation inspections  5/6/24 - 6/5/24


The Greenhills Code of Ordinances requires that peddlers and solicitors be registered before undertaking any peddling or soliciting in the Village. No peddler or solicitor (other than a minor engaging in Neighborhood Solicitation by Minors) shall participate in any peddling or solicitation or undertake any peddling or solicitation within the Village without registering with the Village of Greenhills.

The purpose of such registration is to provide information to the Village regarding those individuals who will be participating in such activities and to provide information to organizations and individual persons concerning the procedures for recognizing at which dwellings the occupants do not wish to be intruded upon by such solicitation. To register, any person or organization must complete a registration form at least 48 hours in advance of applicant's desired time for peddling or soliciting. The form can be obtained at the Greenhills Municipal Building or downloaded here.  Applicants must provide proper identification for each person who will participate in such peddling or solicitation or undertake any peddling or solicitation. An administrative fee for said registration shall be set annually by Village Council.  The current amount is $50 for 30 days. 

As a service to our residents, we will post the vendors who have obtained the appropriate registration with the Village.

The Village is not endorsing any services or products with this registration.  The purpose is to inform the public as to who has registered to do peddling or soliciting in the Village.

If you wish to restrict or prohibit soliciting on your property, you may post a sign that is at least 5" X 7" in size stating "No Solicitation." Click here for a sign that you can print and post in the immediate vicinity of your front door or main entrance way.

For additional details on the law regarding Peddlers and Solicitors, please see Section 737 of the Greenhills Codified Ordinances available through this website under the heading "Government."




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